About us

Cookistible is a venture studio that creates, funds and builds irresistible food brands.

We build food ventures from the ground up, transforming ideas into successful food brands focusing on community and culture.

We were founded on the belief that the approach to building companies will transform over the coming years. We want to lead the way by being the first-of-its-kind venture studio that consistently creates food brands that connect with people.

Our experienced team of operators and investors have built successful brands, taking some from inception to exit. We have worked at and invested in European unicorns at the earliest stages.

The team's comprehensive expertise in strategy, brand, tech and operations ensures that we're not just cooking up ideas in the kitchen but delivering value from day one.

Join us as we create one irresistible food brand at a time. 

Meet the Cookistible Team

Azam Jaafri

From burgers to cookies, Azam's love for food is only rivalled by his passion for turning food concepts into thriving brands.

Mo Mirza

For Mo, food is family. The end of the summer means one thing: a family feud over the last Alphonso mango. When it comes to mangoes - it’s every man for himself!

Ali Mirza

Desserts are Ali's sweet spot. He loves visiting different bakeries and food spots in London and sampling all the latest dessert inventions and food spots. Ali never skips dessert.

Jesus Munoz

Jesus has spent his life working in food, from senior positions at Burger King, Dunkin Donuts and Deliveroo, he is now turning his passion for tasting food from around the world into exciting food ventures.

Backed by:

Ernest Sanchez

Managing Partner at Nuclio. Previously Board Member at Glovo

Alejandro Rodriguez

Managing Partner at IDC Ventures, Board Member at CookUnity

Adam Beveridge

Investor at SFC Capital. Previously Investor at Just Eat Ventures